Barbara Andrus
Forever Cherished


        Barbara Andrus was born on January 6, 1934, in Ohio.  She was the second of three children, having an older siser, Lynette, and a younger brother, David.  David was in a serious car accident just after getting his driver's license.  He died later due to complications from that accident.  This had a big effect on Barbara and she never took life for granted.  She was always up for an adventure to travel just about anywere.  She even went back to see her uncle Chester  -- who turned 100 years old this July 4th, 2010 -- in 2009, when he turned 99.  She spent some time in many U.S. states, as well as traveling to Canada and Europe, and even got to walk on the great wall of China.

        Barbara married a Navy man, Billy (Sam) Andrus, and they had 5 great children. If she wasn't helping someone at work as a nurse she was helping one of her kids with anything and everything.  She would always say yes to anyone needing help.  Friends and family meant more to Barbara than material things.  Barbara and Billy later divorced, but remained on good terms and would attend family and holiday gatherings.

        Barbara had five children:  Bonnie, Brenda, Bernadette, Bridget, and Bryan; and five grandchildren:  Chris, Paul, Shaw, Nicole, and Lindsay.  She loved them all dearly.  Her children and grandchildren were the light of her life.  They were extremely devoted and spent every moment of Barbara's final days by her side.  She was able to see all her kids and grandkids in the days before she passed.  She had a chance to say her last goodbyes and even told the doctors that she had a great life and she was ready to go.  It was hard for everyone to hear this, but she was ready for what was to come and  had come to terms with moving on.  She never wanted to have a difficult ending, and thankfully left this life surrounded by family and the sounds of beautiful, live harp music.

        All five kids credit their mother with instilling them with strong moral values, personal strength, and a positive attitude.  That will always be with them, and passed on for generations to come.

        Barbara is also survied by a neighbor's cat she took in some half dozen years ago.  She called the cat Poopsie.  Poopsie was adopted by a loving family, and she will surely miss Barbara, as we all will.

  Barbara was a remarkable person; a gentle, kind soul; and is held in high regard by those who knew her.  Barbara was an inspiration to us all.

We love you Mom!

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